We at International Liberty Missions (ILM) are inspired by Biblical principals which commands us to proclaim LIBERTY to the captives and bring JUSTICE for the oppressed bringing about generational impact.

ILM is a registered non-profit organisation since 2016 with a mandate to liberate children from human trafficking, sexual exploitation and sexual abuse.

Our Mission: Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate.

How we do it:

Rescue: Our agents gather and collaborate intelligence, initiate rescues with police and assist in the prosecution of the perpetrators. Our support team works closely with Department Social Development (DSD) to ensure that children are then legally and safely placed within the care of ILM or other registered organisations.

Rehabilitate: Once a child is in our loving care the very delicate healing and serving  process starts which will cover spiritual, emotional and physical aspects. We work closely with local hospitals, clinics, courts and government departments to ensure that all treatments and procedures are focused on the best interest of the child’s health and safety.

Reintegrate: Every child in our care will get the opportunity to dream again about their future. ILM facilitates all levels of schooling, skills development and job placements. ILM will also assist and facilitate repatriation cases.

Where we work: Our operations will cover all of Southern Africa.